May 28 – Sundarban safari at Goshaba

Mr. Sanjay Mondal of Sunderban Safari, the person who has played a critical nexus in ensuring that collaboration in the last few days was a success. He brought to our attention the need for water storage tanks and pipes. BRC spread the news of this very urgency and thankfully, the need was fulfilled.

Mr. Mandol informed our volunteers that they have received three tanks of 500-litre capacity and 1 tank of 300-litre capacity. He also let us know that he will be distributing drinking water in Bali, Dulki, Sonargaon, Mollakhali, Rangabelia, Satjelia and Kumimari. Volunteer teams are also working towards collaborations with other organizations and individuals who are doing pertinent work to provide relief in the cyclone-hit areas.

Report : Debjani C

Data on Relief Teams: Udit and Oindrila Basu

Information from Mr. Sanjoy Mondal: Swati and Oindrila Basu

Pics : Sanjoy Mondal