May 27 – Ground report from Namkhana – BRC & Prameya Foundation volunteers

Report by: Debjani C
Pictures by: Prameya

Namkhana in the South 24 Parganas is one of the last land points before Sagar Island and one of the places worst hit by Amphan. Several newspapers did earlier report the wrath that the cyclone unleashed in Namkhana, destroying the village and after village on its path.

Consequently, in keeping with the objective of the BRC, Prameya Foundation volunteers Arunabha, Dipanjan, Mohona and Swadesh set off for Namkhana carrying a small truckload of relief materials.

For the members of the relief team, the last two days have been a frantic blur of procuring relief materials, unpacking them, categorizing them and repacking them before leaving for Namkhana in the early hours of this morning.

Volunteers Arundhati Bhattacharya, Shreya Dutta, Swati, Gargi and Soumya procured a multitude of necessary items ranging from dry foods like chiwda and sattoo to hygiene products like soap and sanitary napkins. The result was a hundred food packets created for a hundred families in Namkhana. Every packet consisted of a kilo each of puffed rice (muri) and chidwa; 500 grams each of sugar and sattoo; two units each of soaps and sanitary napkins; one bottle of hand sanitizer and two packets of biscuits. Additionally, a hundred units of tarpaulin were also procured to provide to the families. It is our hope at the BRC and at the Prameya Foundation that in the coming days we are able to send relief to other ravaged places like Jharkali, Hingalganj and Samareshnagar.