June 11 – Relief report – Taldi

Written by: Arunava Ghosh
Photo credits: Sabyasachi Chaudhury

Taldi is a census town and a gram panchayat within the jurisdiction of the Canning Police Station, under the Canning subdivision of the South 24 Parganas district, West Bengal. As per census 2011, Taldi has a total population of over 12,000 residents.

Taldi too, like many other villages in West Bengal, was left battered and bruised when cyclone Amphaan – the strongest storm in the recent memory – passed through rampaging houses, uprooting trees and destroying crops. As per our knowledge, no relief activity has reached there yet. The Bengal Relief Collective, or BRC, therefore, undertook another round of mass contribution of essentials/necessities required, that could be provided to the people of Taldi at large for their sustainability in their quest for survival.

The members of BRC had earlier had included Taldi as one of the locations where a detailed relief plan was chalked out. The pecuniary collection was in the form of donations in the bank. The same was used to procure necessities from the local markets. Large quantities of ration and plastic sheets had been procured, loaded and ready to be delivered to the 50 most needy families, enough to support them for a month at least.

Sikdar’s family was not alone. Their tin roof was damaged as were their crops. He, his wife and their two children were among the many who did receive relief supplies collected and arranged the BRC. The community relief consignment was packaged into smaller bundles meant at as ration for the needy. Each family did receive the following mentioned necessities:

01.Rice (15 kgs)
02. Dal (3 kgs)
03. Soya Chunks (3 kgs)
04. Sooji (2 kgs)
05. Sugar (2 kgs)
06. Salt (2 kgs)
07. Soaps (5 bars)
08. Sanitary napkin packs (4-5 packs)
09. Tarpaulin Sheet (1 pc)
10. Face masks (4 pcs)

As Bengal gradually limps back to life, this super cyclone did expose the fact that not many media house came to cover from outside Bengal. Funding from entities outside Bengal too was a disappointment according to an on-ground social worker who didn’t want his name to be disclosed.

We hope that the authorities will come with orchestrated relief activities beyond just food to ensure that the entire Bengal heals. As for BRC, the next round of funding/contribution for this location shall be visited again, reaching more families with greater quantities. As for now, there are many more known and known villages that require our attention.

Team BRC signing off. Do support us in our endeavour in whatever ways you can. A smile isn’t precious if we can’t share.