I want to be a part of this movement

We are a people’s collective who are deeply affected by
the devastating situation of Bengal & trying to help the people in need.

Natural Disaster Response: What Role Can You Play?

Volunteering after a disaster comes naturally to anyone. Perhaps it is a basic human instinct. Although we have many volunteers, there is always a need for more.

Disaster relief work is not just about pulling people out of the fire or saving them from drowning. There is more to it. Raising funds, supplying food and water to the affected areas, getting the basic transport system back in place, ensuring that there are epidemic breakouts. Hence, we are always running short of helping hands and any form of support is actually going to help us combat this situation more effectively.

Preparedness is an important part of disaster response, particularly with so many people working in different capacities in a crisis setting. In the wake of a natural disaster, a variety of responsible and committed volunteers are required to provide physical and emotional relief to the affected population.

This movement is not to provide support to the cyclone victims alone. No natural disasters come with announcements. To combat every hurdle better, we need to plan for all types of disasters and emergencies. We need to have response actions in place ‘necessary to save lives, protect property and the environment’, and at the snap of the fingers.  We as a community need to have the entire response flow deadly in advance so that everything flow clockwork. One small snag could cost lives.

Lastly, disaster volunteers should also be prepared for emotionally and physically draining work in highly stressful situations. However, once this the joy of having served the people in need is not just a great feeling but what you learn on ground zero is the core management functions, realtime.